Saturday, 26 July 2014

Impact Of Microsoft


How Microsoft has impacted my life and how I plan to bring a change to the society being a Microsoft Student Associate 

Microsoft has always been and will always be a great platform for innovators, developers and designers. It was my dream company right from the day I joined my undergrad college. Since then, I have been following the trends and contributing to Microsoft. Their products are always simple and impeccable. They make products which millions of people use and love. Microsoft not only gave the world the best software, but also gave inspiration and role models to many tech enthusiast students like me. I was more than excited when Mr.Satya Nadella, an Indian-born American engineer was appointed the CEO of Microsoft. The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates was my role model right from my childhood.

How Microsoft has impacted my life ?
If you ask me this question my answer would be “It has changed my world”. Yes,I say so because the products that I have been using to learn computers are all Microsoft based, without Microsoft I wouldn't have been successful in knowing what computers are and how to operate it. I can say that Microsoft has given the correct attitude to computers which makes it so so popular.

Microsoft has silently contributed immensely to build my confidence and my knowledge about how a professional application works,and how great it feels being able to use these professional softwares to develop a feature full application.

Coding and designing was never a easy task but Microsoft applications has given so much inbuilt features that coding has become so much fun for me,and now i can also teach others how to code and design easily.

The love and passion I have towards computers is all the gift of Microsoft.

How I plan to bring a change to the society being a MSA?

Microsoft has provided an ingenious platform for the students, excelling them to the forefront and making them the “whistleblowers” of their college. It is helping student to bring froward their skills. Bringing students to demonstrate their leadership skills, connecting Microsoft to their campuses, and building their confidence, Microsoft surely has the capability of excelling students to the forefront.

Technology requires successful communication to penetrate into our lives, and I feel that with my ability to connect to people and profound interest in technology,I can update the students of my college about the latest Microsoft products and technologies through workshops,seminars and also web-forms which can make their lives easier.I would be really grateful if i am given the opportunity so that i can help Microsoft understand the campus culture of my college.